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czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2016

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Simple things. Simple things. Simple things.

I have been yesterday to a great concert. The band is called domowe melodie. Here you can find one of their best know song. Of source the music was great, performance was great. But these things were not the only.

What hit me the most - these guys attitude to what they do. They just have a lot of fun from what they do. They play with it. They enjoy it and this is great and they do it in their own cute way. Just watch one of their videos. You get influenced immediately.

This reminded me what makes the juice of life. I wish we had so much fun and pleasure in our everyday jobs. The leaders (and everybody is a leader) can support making this happen. Be more emphatic, more smiling, more open. Life would be greater.

Don't do anything that isn't play - Marshall Rosenberg.

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