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czwartek, 1 października 2015

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Conferences time

Autumn is usually busy time full of conferences and this year cannot be different. After a few interesting events like Devoxx Poland in Cracow, Codepot and Agile by Example in Warsaw, now it's time for new experiences.

Agile Tour Vilnius (8/10/2015)

 I will be talking about Natural Course of Refactoring. So if you would like to discuss about pragmatic refactoring practices come to Vilnius on 8th november.

JDD 2015 (12-13/10/2015)

I will be doing the workshop about difficult conversations based on Nonviolent Communication practice. So if you would like to look for you more empathic side of personality, this is a workshop for you.

33rd Degree 4charity (30/11-01/12)

Not officialy yet, but it is quite likely I will be taking about Technical Leadership and some concept from my book. If you want to help others and learn something new - don't hesitate to come to Wrocław at the begining of december.