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środa, 24 września 2014

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Agile Prague 2014 notes


It's been almost a week since Agile Prague finished. It was a great time of interesting discussions and meetings. I have had a privilege to talk with Linda Rising about patterns, their history and current state (still under development). She also gave wonderful talks about Agile mindset and trust.

It was also a pleasure to discuss with Paul Klipp and take part in his talk about communication - the subject I am always interested in.

Another two interesting subject I listened to were ones presented by:
  • Vasco Duarte - about NoEstimates approach, which in my opinion is not exactely about not doing estimation, but to extremeley simplify the way you do it. In short: estimate an item with 1 point. If it is too big (should be more than 1), split it.
  • Louis Goncalves - about getting rid of performance appraisals.
I have also a privilege to give my talk about Natural Course of Refactoring. You can find slides here.
I had a very nice and positive feedback.

See you soon at Warsjawa.

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