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środa, 16 lipca 2014

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Time for non-violent rebel


Agile thinking has been with us for several years. There is a lot of humanity behind Agile thinking and this is what is great about it. But Agile like every idea is just the idea. Not easily applicable in life and many times distorted to be convenient (and not necessarily useful). People focus on practices and loose the spirit of the idea. Agile is just an example. All in all the problem is deficit of humanity in business context.

The deficit of humanity is driven by profit maximising what leads to short term optimisation. In consequence leaders face goals that are profit oriented (expressed in strict timeframes, number of features, low budget). And these forces make them afraid. And they try to force team members to achieve this profit oriented goal. It creates a lot of pressure and there is very little space for humanity.

What makes the problem bigger leaders (especially Technical ones) don't know how to deal with so called  difficult situation, when someone doesn't agree, someone complains about something not forcing them to do something and be effective at the same time. It is big challenge for them to give away the power to people. Many of them declare it, but very few really do it.

And it is time to rebel! It is time for non-violent rebel. It is time to clear the misunderstanding that you can only fight in style "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" in order to change anything. It is time to see that you can be honest and take care of your needs and at the same time be in connection with other people in your team and outside your team so that you can look for ways to help them satisfy their needs... without violence. It time to settle the humanity in world of business.

Will that be easy? I want to be honest. No. I has its price. Is this possible? Yes. It will require a lot of work but very satisfying work.

If you want to look for your own just google for "non-violent communication". If you are patient or want to see NVC in IT world just come here from time to time.

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