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piątek, 3 stycznia 2014

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A morning thought: The greatest contribution of Agile

Today morning I came across Henrik Knibberg video titled Culture over Proces. What hit me was that it was about Culture.

Wait a minute... Culture? But we talk about software development... IT... 0-1 world. So what the fuck Culture is doing here?

For any agilist this is not strange subject. We have been talking about for more than ten years. We (as a community)consider this to be important part of our jobs - so called "soft skills". What's more interesting terms software development and soft skills have the similar wordbase ;-)

I believe that the greatest contribution of Agile is bringing human-side to the techy world.

Not a bunch of methodologies. Not a bunch of pracitces. We have started to think about people. And that is what I love about it.

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