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środa, 12 marca 2014

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Being busy is an easy way

I have had a great opportunity to take part in some kind of experiment. I consciously got rid of most tasks from my personal and professional life that I considered not be fully joyful and purposeful. What I expected was that I would be more focused on things that really matter to me and I could consciously choose what to do (and what not to do).

I stopped checking my phone every 10 minutes, including Facebook, Endomondo and Twitter. I and Michal decided to strongly simplify the way our company works (including the employment decrease). I stopped to start new books (I used to start many and finish few). I stopped to obsessively do tasks from my TODO list. I stopped doing most stuff that everyone does. I focused on family, my core professional stuff and running. I have created a lot of space and time to think.

And you know what? It is hard. It is extremely hard. It is not easy to find out what is really worth doing. It is not easy to make decisions with full awareness. It is a big relief when sometimes I forgot about my experiment and start doing things compulsively. I don't have to think! Of course I am doing much thinking then, but it is about solving a particular problem. I more react to circumstances than I am aware of what I am doing. Like a drug. Doing anything is like a drug. You loose your conscious thinking and start compulsive, reactive thinking (which may require a lot of IQ).

Now I think I fully understood (or would be better to say "I internalized") that:
Doing anything, being busy is an easy way. Because (what is commonly known) it is extremely hard to do the right things. And it is really much harder to figure out which thing is right rather than do it. What I notice is that we are not taught to think this way and not used to it.

Being busy is a sickness of our times. It is motto of professional life. Most decisions are made because there are so many things to do and we have to react in some way. But these are not conscious decisions. These are reactive decisions and many time destructive ones.

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Anonimowy pisze...

Very true observation. So, what was the hardest NOT to do? How did you made yourself stay on track and think deeper, instead of just letting yourself react?

Sławek Sobótka pisze...

Being busy is like being in coma...

Unknown pisze...

@littleancientforestkami I think there is not one single thing that was hardest not to do. The decision itself to stop starting new activities (like reading new books, start new project while there are many not finished, stop reading facebook, rss, endo) and hold on to it is the most difficult. I have been taking part in NVC training and it reminds me about thinking what is really important.