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piątek, 28 lutego 2014

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... and what if you are just a small planet at the edge of Milky Way

I have talked recently with my colleague  about importance of domain expert availability in the project so that you can clarify the domain specific question.
- In most cases your work is more buggy and costly not having such a person available - I said.
- But what if the product is not so important in the context of the whole company (big insurance corpo for example)? And will be replaced by another project within two year. But it must maintained and developed for that time to keep business working in this area. Then business is not so eager to dedicate valuable domain expert for this case... And then the team is wandering looking for good domain answers but it is included in the cost.
- You might be right - I said.
(Of course I could have been convincing him that people may not be motivated or frustrated, but so what if the case is not that important for business and from business point of view there is no greater sense to get much involved.)

It may sound sad but be frankly speaking not everyone works on first class projects, the shining stars in the sky, where everybody is excited just thinking about it...
Then just do your work in a way you can be proud of (with as much craft as possible) or change your job.


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Sławek Sobótka pisze...

nice sample of the simple rule: core domain => use ddd => have domain expert

!core domain => don't use ddd => not worth having domain expert

btw: I wondering if management dares to express that honestly: "sorry guys, you are making just another temporary crap that will land in the trash can anyway. I'm sure you are big boys and have your ego fixed and not thinking about saving the world with your intellect and not thinking about changing the job" :PPP

Unknown pisze...


Management often tends to express it this way (like in the case I described above). But those big guys are not so willing to soften their egos... ;-)