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poniedziałek, 23 grudnia 2013

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Technical leader worries: I want to build trust in my team but I don't want them to do what they want

Trust is a very big word and very often misused. Many leaders in order to build trust just feel obliged to allow people to do anything they want. On the other hand they would like to have some impact on how the task is going to be done. Some time ago I thought a lot about the trust: what it is and how to "grow" it in our everyday work. But I didn't like idea that I should not be interested in how the task is done. I was sure that there is something missing. And then I drew the picture like this:


and I noticed that there is some kind of asymmetry. What about arrow back to "I"? I drew it to see how it may look like.

I thought: What kind of trust would I want here?. And there the enlighment came: I would like to ask difficult questions like: "Why did you do it this way or How do you handle risk X" and not to be accussed of being to much controlling. I just wanted to be on track.

And then I was sure there is another element missing in order to this schema work properly. There must be a supposition of a positive intention. What it means? I believe that you'll do your best to complete the task. And you believe that when I ask question I want to understand your way of thinking and check whether you took important risk into consideration. There musn't be any blame, accusation or criticisim. Otherwise everything is lost.

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